This co-composition by João Catalão and Dominic Thibault is a duet for percussions and electronics that stands out by its … More

La Comédia Dell’Ratés

Composition of the musical theme for the online television series Comédia Dell-Ratés in collaboration with Simone D’Ambrosio. Produced by IKweb.tv … More

Cecilia 4

Participation in the development of sound processing software Cecilia 4. Development of the new graphical interface of the application, conceptualization … More


Live improvisation with a variable electroacoustic setup. Recently, I’ve been using The Rack, which I also use to play with … More


fXfD is an instrument developed for improvised electroacoustic performances. It was designed around digital feedback and corresponds roughly to a no-input mixer/instrument in Ableton Live, The coding part is … More


Dominic Thibault returns to The Silent Howl with his most minimal album to date. Here he presents a series of … More


Audio integration on the LOOP project using an axoloti board and speed encoders. Programming, sensor integration, file management and mastering. … More

The Silent Howl

The Silent Howl is a record label & music publisher promoting daring sonic experimentations through audio releases, scores and videos. We … More


Piece commissioned by Distractfold Ensemble Musique concrète piece composed entirely with synthesis. In eight movements, *[self] discusses the concept of ascetic … More