This co-composition by João Catalão and Dominic Thibault is a duet for percussions and electronics that stands out by its instrumentation: a set of amplified metal bowls and plates surrounding the public to form a metallic loudspeaker orchestra.

A new form of gamelan, the device allows the duo to explore the resonances and timbral qualities of metals. The two composers-performers thus create a rhythmic flow that is organized around a natural harmony; the friction between the harmonics of the bowls become pulsations and imbricated rhythms. The performance with microphones, reminiscent of Stockhausen’s Mikrophonie II, exacerbates these harmonic tensions through feedback, which becomes a mode of physical and playful expression.



2022.05.01 —> live@CIRMMT, En ligne, Recorded at MMR, CIRMMT, Montréal, Canada
2018.04.20 —> Chapelle historique du Bon-Pasteur, Montréal, Canada
2018.05.14 —> Cégep de Drummondville, Drummondville, Canada