Tout Croche – zero dBFS

A series of two improvisations realized using the simplest apparatus: Guitar, synth and the rack. Digital distortion, industrial landscapes and … More


iOS application created for the exploration of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts during the Muséomix hack-o-thon. Project description Hear. See. … More

Éléphant Blanc

Work commissioned by Sixtrum “On the Trail of White Elephants…” or; how to honour the future as imagined in North … More


Interactive theatre production by the writer Daniel Danis. Produced by Compagnie Daniel Danis arts/sciences. Sound Design and music composition for … More

Forbidden Readings

Forbidden Readings is an interactive installation in which the participant manipulates a book presenting a redacted text that is both … More

Point d’écoute

Point d’écoute est un collectif formé des compositeurs Martin Bédard, Georges Forget, Martin Marier, Sylvain Pohu et Dominic Thibault qui … More

Piano concret (EP)

[2013] 15 minutes musique concrète published on The Silent Howl Piano Concret features a series of études exploring the sonic … More