Tout Croche – The Whole Shabang

With this conceptual album, Tout Croche ventures into deep space where doom meets acouspheric noise through the performance of grainy feedback and noise generating instruments. Like an alien entity that communicates through the complexity of a hybridised culture/society.

It is authentically post-genre. It amalgamates style, and recognises the potential of the poignancy imbued in music of the 21st Century. It does not try to emulate a single genre; the music focuses on the here, the now and the future, drawing on the vast musical landscape as it does so. It is music represented by a period that is ours, full of multiple contexts co-existing – through the core of improvisation, composition, technology, musicianship, studio craft. The Whole Shabang is the culmination of a creative process that combines serious ambition with insouciance, obsession with indifference, disagreement with love, nonchalance and obsession, couldn’t-care-less attitude and memorable slanging matches, a truly gruesome beauty.

The Whole Shabang would not exist without the love and care of Adam Staff who made beautiful sense out of the chaos, producing the shiniest of gems from the raw rough diamond we found in the dirt.

Track listing

00:00 – Strangling The Night Bird
02:19 – Razing it to the Ground
08:05 – The Valley Where Electric Daisies Bloom
14:09 – Sulphurous Clouds
17:24 – The Road to Palo Alto
23:13 – DMFDie!
26:59 – Alchemy of Flesh and Fire
30:54 – Nebula, Farewell

Available formats

Released digitally on Kohlenstoff records

Gold splattered CD encased in sealed clear acrylic casing. Please note that casing will have to be broken in order to listen to the CD.

Run of 25.