Piece commissioned by Distractfold Ensemble

Musique concrète piece composed entirely with synthesis. In eight movements, *[self] discusses the concept of ascetic ideals. The piece offers soundscapes inspired by the desert journeys of those prophets in search of purity and simplicity through self-denial. It questions the pertinence of such voluntary pittance in order to obtain redemption.

  1.  to *obey (0:44)
  2. to *contemplate (6:33)
  3. to *desire (5:52)
  4. to *abide (3:41)
  5. to *believe (4:30)
  6. to *seclude (3:37)
  7. to *peter out (7:29)
  8. to *negate (4:40)

*[self] was composed in the composer’s personal studio between July 2013 and February 2015 and was premiered during the Akousma Douze festival in Montreal (Canada).

A string trio version of the piece also exists in which this electronic version is interpreted as an audio score coupled with a graphic score by Paul-Antoine Gauvreau (see below). For each movement, a graphic score and an audio score are provided. The graphic scores are intentionally minimalists as their main purpose is to highlight the general structure of the movement. The audio scores are sources of inspiration for the development of timbres on each instrument.  The string version was premiered in Manchester (UK) by Distractfold Ensemble.

Thanks to Stephen Harvey, Pierre Alexandre Tremblay and Nicolas Bernier for their support. Thanks to Danielle, Lola and Frédérique for their pure awesomeness.


Published in 2016 by British/Belgian label Entr’acte. Limited-edition CD (run of 150), sold out.

Informations concerning this release are available at this address: http://entracte.co.uk/projects/dominic-thibault-e211/

Graphic scores (by Paul-Antoine Gauvreau)



2015.05.12 —-> Roca Gallery, London, England
2014.10.04 —> International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester, England