Audio integration on the LOOP project using an axoloti board and speed encoders. Programming, sensor integration, file management and mastering.

LOOP is an interactive installation of large wheels (7 feet in diameter) that generate sound, light and movement, controlled by audience participation. LOOP takes the old-school, 19th century technologies of the zoetrope, music box and handcar, and fuses them into a retro-futuristic motion picture machine. Audience members are invited to step inside the wheels, and discover how their own movements turn a series of still images into an animation enlighten by its real time generative soundtrack.

LOOP won the seventh Luminothérapie competition at the Quartier des spectacles de Montréal (Quebec, Canada) in 2016. As the winning entry, the installation was open to the public for two months in a central downtown location, attracting large numbers of visitors as well as enthusiastic media coverage right from the design stage. On a larger scale, the work is accompanied by monumental video projections on the surrounding building façades, creating an immersive urban experience.

Text taken from https://www.ekumen.com/

https://player.vimeo.com/api/player.js LOOP from Ekumen on Vimeo.