Piano concret (EP)

15 minutes
musique concrète
published on The Silent Howl

Piano Concret features a series of études exploring the sonic materials extracted from a piano. Each study is organized around a concept, a writing technique, a particular material and explores its musicality.

  1. Espace: Piece entirely realized with resonant percussion sounds featuring a simulated spaces exploration. An investigation of artificial spaces that uses no reverb, only the illusion of width that provides the piano pedal.
  2. Trame: Study focusing on the pitch relationship between short percussive sounds and pads in order to create an acousmatic music.
  3. Harmonie: With the original intention to explore sonic pads, this piece turned out to be the most articulated of the whole cycle… oh, well!
  4. Rythme: Integration of the pulse in acousmatic music by, among others, the loop and oscillation.

Pieces produced at BRAMS studio on the beautiful Boesendorfer Imperial.

Composition, mixing, mastering: Dominic Thibault
Artwork & photography: Stephen Harvey

Thanks to Douglas Eck for setting up such a lovely place to work.


2008.05.15 — Con Sordino 2, Relais Mont-Royal, Montréal, Canada
2008.03.16 — Papineau-Couture Hall, Université de Montréal, Canada