Enfant Robot au cœur fondant

ou l’incroyable secret de la Caramilk s’incarnant dans toute une génération

15 minutes
Mixed music

Enfant Robot au cœur fondant (french for Child Robot with a melting heart) is a mixed music piece for pots, pans and tape. It was developped in collaboration with João Catalão, a talented percussionist, for his final doctoral concert. The piece, inspired by the first contact of a child with percussion through cooking utensils, explores the concepts of musicality, virtuosity and innocence. The performers enacts that child suddenly discovering its musicality in an electronic imaginary world. Enfant Robot au cœur fondant is a piece intended for live performance. The following recording was realized on August 23rd 2010 in University of Montreal studios.


Enfant Robot au cœur fondant was published on the compilation In Search of the Miraculous by British label Huddersfield Contemporary Records. More informations at the following address : https://www.nmcrec.co.uk/huddersfield-contemporary-records/search-miraculous


2010.09.02 —> Centre canadien d’architecture, Montréal, Canada
2010.06.24 —> Sala Rossa, Montréal, Québec
2010.06.09 —> Claude-Champagne Hall, Montréal, Québec