Comme si la foudre pouvait durer


10 minutes

A split second that lengthens, separating two heart beats by an eternity.

The piece, composed intermittently between September 2011 and February 2012, presents a sound environment combining sonic materials extracted from a thunderstorm and a delayed electric guitar. The beauty of the roaring thunder and natural rhythms created by the raindrops have convinced me of the musical potential of these materials. Quickly, I found that these recordings completed well an electric guitar improvisation I had previously done in studio.Then, after the decision was made to use these guitar materials, Pierre Alexandre Tremblay improvised with the electric bass on top of it. An anodyne discussion between me and my neighbors, captured while recording the thunder, also fits among the important sonic materials of the piece.

Finalist at the Fill the Music Box contest (2012) organized by Mutek Mtl


2013.11.08 —> Symposium on Acoustic Ecology, Kent, United Kingdom
2013.09.12 —> Conference in Music Since 1900, Liverpool, United Kingdom
2012.11.03 —> CeReNeM, Huddersfield, United Kingdom